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Wednesday, 07 February 2018 17:12

Tips and Updates from Digital Mainstreet - Feb 6, 2018

Grow Your Market And Win Consumers

Electronic payment technology helps small businesses compete for consumers around the world—providing convenience in the store and secure access to goods and services from home. Accepting and using payment cards not only expands the market for small businesses but also encourages consumer spending and increases revenues.

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No One Will Read Your Emails If You’re Committing These 5 Mistakes

The subject line of any sales email is your calling card, equivalent to a knock on the digital doorstep of a total stranger. The amount of time you spend perfecting the body of your message will be pointless if you can't get someone to open that door for you.

How to Make Facebook’s Algorithm Change Work For You

Turn a crisis for other businesses into an opportunity for you. On January 11, 2018 Facebook announced a major change to its News Feed algorithm that will profoundly impact brands’ ability to reach people on Facebook through organic distribution. 

What does this mean for your business?

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Starter Company Plus 
- Starts February 7th


The program is focused on helping main street businesses develop and implement an integrated and comprehensive digital transformation plan for their business.  If you are a main street business looking to take your business to the next level by leveraging technology, the Starter Company Plus – Digital Main Street program can provide support.

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Website Building for Beginners Boot Camp - February 23rd

Building a website for your business can be a very complicated and frustrating experience if you’ve never attempted it before. There are lots of pitfalls and roadblocks you can avoid by attending this boot camp! Many first time builders have to bear the expense of completely rebuilding their website a second time, after they learn the hard way

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