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Tuesday, 23 January 2018 18:43

Ensure your business and data are safe from attack this year!

Protecting Your Business From Fraud

Learn how you can prevent, predict, detect, and resolve fraud within your business.
While some fraudsters may try to take advantage of small businesses because they think they are easier targets, you can protect yourself with prevention, prediction, detection and resolution

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Securing Your Data And Your Business

Keeping your customers’ personal information secure is critical in earning and keeping their trust, and protecting your business from a costly data breach. Don’t repeat the mistakes too many businesses make.

Under lock & key in Microsoft’s Canadian cloud

Not sure where to store your data securely? This post discusses how small business owners can protect their organizations from crime. With pending new legislation tabled in parliament, small business owners and Canadians can breathe a little easier. 

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Upcoming DMS Events 

Social Media Boot Camp
January 26th

Social media is a blessing and a curse for today’s businesses. Knowing how to leverage the power of social media will help you grow your client base, increase profits and cut down the marketing cost.

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Starter Company Plus 
(Starts February 7th)

We have created a complete 8-week training program which will develop and implement an integrated and comprehensive digital transformation plan for your business. You can also receive a $2500 grant towards the implementation of your plan.

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