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CrossFit Metric

756 Mount Pleasant Road

Talk to any crossfitter about CrossFit and you’ll get a larger than life response: “they love it”. In our own words we would describe CrossFit as a community driven strength and conditioning platform that welcomes any age or physical ability.
CrossFit is about enabling, strengthening and empowering the human body to work, adapt and thrive in any possible situation that our lives see fit to present us. CrossFit combines a family of movements that will elicit a tremendous positive physical response. In other words, you’ll look great, feel great. Fast.
But, is CrossFit for you? Yes.


It’s simple. The human body responds to exercise stimulus known as ‘stress’ in a positive manner. When the body heals itself after a strenuous workout its newer healed up version is stronger and younger, yielding an overall strength gain.
CrossFit is community based. It’s widely accepted that humans thrive in a social setting. When you workout in a social setting you’re more likely to train harder, thus yielding more results!
It’s safe. While attending our classes at CrossFit Metric you can be sure you’re under the watchful eye of over 20+ combined years of experience from our coaching staff. Learn all about our coaches.
Its fun, (this is what CrossFit does best). The workouts stay fresh by rotating constantly varied movements, rep schemes and weights. This will keep your experience challenging, interesting and rewarding.
You’re workouts at CrossFit Metric will be well thought out, scalable to any fitness level, fun and taught by industry leading coaches.

Sun: 9am-1:30pm
Mon: 6am-8:30pm
Tue: 6am-8:30pm
Wed: 6am-8:30pm
Thu: 6am-8:30pm
Fri: 6am-8:30pm
Sat: 9am-1:30pm
Located in: Health & Wellness
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