Convergence Acupuncture

540 Mount Pleasant Rd.

A traditional and contemporary approach to Chinese medicine and acupuncture, combining the best of classical, holistic philosophies with a modern, evidence-based approach to the body.

Developed over 25 years, Convergence Acupuncture recognizes the relationship between physical and mental health in the treatment of chronic and acute health conditions: Physical illness often leads to depression, anxiety and other behavioural health problems; but also, emotional/psychological trauma if left untreated can leading to chronic physical health problems. Both can cause reduced quality of life, interfere with work, hobbies and relationships, and both need to be addressed in order to return to a state of well-being.

Convergence Acupuncture uses highly effective strategies to address issues of acute and chronic conditions including: musculoskeletal pain, injuries, autoimmune disorders including thyroid and adrenal problems, Lyme disease recovery, gynecological health, pregnancy and post-partum recovery, and age-related health changes. We also work with depression, anxiety, PTSD & complex trauma, and other behavioural and psychological health issues. Convergence Acupuncture can also help with recovery from surgery and the side-effects of cancer treatment.

Convergence Acupuncture is LGBTQ+ friendly, and offers a safe, respectful place for all people to pursue their health goals free from judgement.

Methods of Payment:
  • Cash
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Interac
  • Cheque
Tue: 2PM - 8PM
Thu: 9AM - 1PM, 2PM - 8PM
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